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Puppies available March

Male puppies: $1,500
Female puppies: $1,600

Luna, our American/English Cream Golden Retriever is the mother of the upcoming litter and the father is Bear, a pure English Cream Golden Retriever. All puppies will be available for pick up at 8 weeks of age in the week of March 14. All puppies will come dewormed and with their first round of shots. They are getting their first round of shots and medical progress examination at week six. Each puppy will come with a small fleece scent blanket that has Luna's smell to help with the adjustment period. Stay tuned for more photos and updates!

All females have been reserved.

All males have been reserved.

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Puppy updates

Luna received an x-ray on January 5, 2021, and we are set to have at least 8 puppies! They are projected to be born the week of January 12. We can't wait! 

The puppies were born on January 17th. We got nine pups! Five males and four females.

The pups turned a week old on the 26th! They are all doing great and each of them is on a steady weight gain. We can't wait to have these puppies go to great homes!

We introduced the puppies to solid food on the 10th, and they are doing great. Their teeth are just growing in and they are starting to horse around with each other!

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